Experience the city on your path.

As soon as you ride it, you want one.


RideMe will bring the break through in urban mobility.

Ultralight weight transportation for everyone

with only 8,5 kg it can be carried easily up the stairs to your appartment, in the subway, to your working place

Bridge the gap

Just RideMe to the store to get your coffee, to the nearest underground station and be surprisingly fast at it. RideMe is limited to 25 km per hour due to local regulations

Move like a breeze and be economical about it

The ride feels secure and it is easily controled with your arm holding the handle while riding. You can get 7,5 /15 km out of one charge wich costs you virtually nothing (3/6 ct)

Options and Accessories


  • 125Wh for up to 7,5 km
  • 250Wh for up to 15 km

Customizable RideMe

  • Deck flexibility
  • Colour (tires, decktape, plastics)

Different Charger Options

  • 75W charger for two hours charging*
  • 150W charger for one hour charging*
  • 100W USB 3.0 - to charge from your PC**

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